12 Days of Christmas Tournament


Log on to acePLAYpoker.com this season for daily chances to win tech prizes in our holiday giveaway tournament!

The holiday season can be a physically & emotionally draining time of year. acePLAYpoker.com wants to brighten your holidays with 12 days of tech prize giveaways! The 12 Days of Christmas online poker tournament kicks off on December 5th with a chance to win each day. Prizes range from a Google Chromecast to battery packs. We are even giving away a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3!

Here’s the 12 Days of Christmas Tournament Schedule:

  • December 5th @ 7:30pm – Veho Pebble Smartstick+ 2800mAh Portable Battery for Smartphones
  • December 6th @ 7:30pm – Photive Five Port USB Rapid Charger
  • December 7th @ 7:30pm – Google ChromeCast
  • December 8th @ 7:30pm – Veho Pebble Smartstick+ 2800mAh Portable Battery for Smartphones
  • December 9th @ 7:30pm – Aduro PowerUp 2000mAh Portable Backup Battery
  • December 10th @ 7:30pm – Star Wars iPhone 4/4s or 5/5s Cases
  • December 11th @ 7:30pm – Photive Five Port USB Rapid Charger
  • December 12th @ 7:30pm – Aduro PowerUp 2000mAh Portable Backup Battery
  • December 13th @ 7:30pm – Veho Pebble Smartstick+ 2800mAh Portable Battery for Smartphones
  • December 14th @ 7:30pm – Samsung Galaxy Tab 3
  • December 15th@ 7:30pm – Star Wars iPhone 4/4s or 5/5s Cases
  • December 16th @ 7:30pm – JLab GO Wireless Bluetooth Sport Headphones with Armband

Check out the prizes:

Google Chromecast

Aduro POWERUP Portable Battery Pack

Veho Pebble Battery Stick

Photive USB Charger

JLab Go Wireless Sport Headphones

Star Wars iPhone Cases

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

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Happy holidays from acePLAYpoker.com!

acePLAYpoker.com Celebrity Interview with Michael Mizrachi


Interviewed by Christina Lindley

Q: Why do you personally enjoy tournament poker?

A: I enjoy tournament poker because of Huge payouts, the critical decisions you have to make, and thrill of victory I get that comes from a win. Winning a poker tournament is a great confidence builder, not to mention the bracelets and trophies.

Q: What is your favorite kind of tournament poker?

A: My favorite tournament is any one I win :). Especially mix games tournaments. The best tournament I’ve played so far was at WSOP $1500 dealers choice. 16 games of your choice. Now that is Fun!

Q: If you could have any super power, what would it be, and how could you use it to win at poker?

A: If you know what someone is thinking (Mind Reader) you’ll always be one step ahead of that person. That ability would allow me to make them change there decision in my favor at a poker table.

Q: Tell us what you have been working on, and what we must know right now!

A:  I’ve been working on a few projects…. getluckypoker.com opening a poker site will allow you to play with bitcoins and can play any poker game …Holdem, Omaha , 2-7 triple draw, Badeucey and list keeps going.

I have a poker dealers school that offers online courses, which will enable you to become a poker dealer from you own backyard.

Visit mizrachidealeracademy.com.

I am working on a clothing company as well, Allinwear.com.  Last but not least. I travel around the US and Canada to play.

All the best


You can follow Michael Mizrachi @TheGrinder44

You can follow Christina Lindley @lindleyloo

Thanksgiving Feast Tournament

acePLAYpoker Thanksgiving 990x260 Play Button

Win a Dinner Buffet for Two Buffet at McCall’s Heartland Grill!

acePLAYpoker.com wants to give thanks to all our players this year, by offering up Thanksgiving Feast Tournaments from November 17th to November 19th. See if you have what it takes to place 1st in this online poker tournament and you will be celebrating Thanksgiving on the Strip at McCall’s Heartland Grill. The winners will receive a Thanksgiving Day Buffet for Two!

Check out McCall’s Heartland Grill at : http://www.stratospherehotel.com/Food-Drink/Dining/McCalls


Thanksgiving Day Feast Online Poker Tournament Schedule

Tuesday, Nov. 18th @ 5:30 pm, 6:30 pm and 7:30 pm PST

      Wednesday, Nov. 19th @ 5:30 pm, 6:30 pm and 7:30 pm PST



Christina Lindley’s Top 3 Spots to Get Your Practice On

Prep Time: Top 3 Spots to Get Your Practice On

This is it. You have arrived in Las Vegas, all revved up and ready to go and crush souls at the poker tables. They say practice makes perfect, and in that light, here are some great options to work on your skills before the HPT Main Event begins.

1) acePLAYpoker.com: Online practice is always fun. You are in Nevada, so you can play on the site for free. From the convenience of your room, why not take a shot at one ofthe satellites into the actual HPT Main Event? Winning your seat would achieve two birds with one stone: practice, and saving the money for the buy-in!


2) Stratosphere Poker Room: Several smaller tournaments will be going on prior to the HPT Main Event. Getting familiar with the Stratosphere poker room, playing with some of the same opponents you will be facing during the HPT Main, and possibly winning a seat into the Main Event are 3 really good reasons to scope it out.

3) Aria Poker Room: What would a poker playerʼs trip to Vegas be without a stop at the Aria Poker Room? They always have multiple tables at every limit going for cash, and if tournaments are your thing, they have a great daily and nightly event to exercise those MTT (multi-table-tournaments) skills. The Ivey Room, named after the Legend himself, is a great place to spot the poker celebrities you see on t.v. all the time playing some of the highest stakes cashed games in Vegas.

acePLAYpoker.com Celebrity Interview with Jared Jaffee


Interviewed by Christina Lindley

With a WSOP Gold Bracelet, WPT Main Event Title, and over TWO MILLION Dollars in live winnings, Jared Jaffee knows quite a bit about tournament poker. I wanted to thank him for taking time from his busy schedule, currently playing in the WPT Jacksonville which he won in the past, to answer a few fun questions for acePLAYpoker.com and me :).

Q: Why do you personally love tournament poker?

A: Personally I love tournament poker for a few different reasons.  First of all winning just one tournament can be enough to carry you through a year or even more financially.  Second, I enjoy the pressure that comes along with knowing any wrong decision could end your tournament.  I like how that pressure usually makes me think clearer and make others make mistakes.  If it were up to me all tournaments would be freezeouts for that reason.

Q: What kind of tournament poker is your favorite (i.e. heads up, etc) 

A: My favorite type of tournament poker to okay is short handed nl.  Any thing from 6 handed to heads up.  The less people at the table the more hands you have to play and the more creative you have to be.  You have to earn every chip short handed and not just sit around waiting for premiums.  It’s also nice to have the extra room at the table.  Comfort is key!

Q: If you could have any superpower, what would it be, and how would you use it to win in poker?

A: If I could have any superpower it would be x ray vision .  Obviously in poker it would be a lot easier if I could see everyone’s cards and which cards were going to come out next. I might even have an edge in that scenario.  It also wouldn’t be half bad to have, anytime a cute girl was around.

You can follow Jared Jaffee on Twitter @jaredjafee21

You can follow Christina Lindley on Twiiter @lindleyloo

Christina Lindley’s Guide – Where to eat in Vegas during the HPT


HPT Tournament time rolls around, and you are wondering where to go for a quick bite during the Main Event. The bad news is you have limited time because you are playing in a poker tournament, but the good news is you are in Vegas, where culinary choices are innumerable. These are my top five picks for a delicious, and effortless dinner break.

   1) McCall’s Heartland Grill at the Stratosphere:


My favorite restaurant at the Stratosphere is McCall’s. They are located right next to the poker room, and have really good food with a wide range of options. They are reasonably priced, with delicious american fare, and even have some adventurous options if you are feeling frisky. Personal favorite: Applewood bacon jalapeno wrapped prawns. When you are not playing, you might also want to scope out their $2 champagne happy hour special. Cheers!

porterhouse_mccalls    braised beef_mccalls

2) Top of the World at the Stratosphere:



Best View by far on the Las Vegas Strip. The food is fantastic, with a higher end feel. If fancier fare is your preference, Top of the World has your name all over it. A wide palette can be satisfied here from organic Austrailian Wagyu filet carpaccio to heirloom tomato caprese with watermelon and jalapeno vinaigrette; the choices are endless. During dinner break, I would recommend sitting in the bar area as the service will be faster, and more conducive to a limited timeline. Word of advice: Donʼt be scared when you see people free falling past you outside the window, it is merely people jumping off the top of the Stratosphere in their thrilling Sky Jump ride.

3) Umami Burger at SLS:

If you take a stroll across the street, you will find the SLS hotel. In this LA styled resort, there is a delectable burger awaiting your arrival. Not just of the beef variety either, though they are aplenty. The Ahi Tuna Burger: in their own words with “sushi-grade hand chopped ahi patty, crushed avocado, gingered carrots, and wasabi flake” is an excellent option. The classic burgers range from a truffle burger, to their Royale burger topped with short rib. For dinner break, this can be a nice twist on a quick bite.

4) 800 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria at SLS:

Real Italian pizza, deemed “REMARKABLE” by the Los Angeles Times, baked in 60 seconds in an 800 degreeoven, just about covers the delicious, and fast requirements for a dinner break. The options for toppings seems endless: from basil pesto, rock shrimp, to clams or truffle cheese straight from Italy, if you can imagine it, they can bake it.

5) Roxyʼs Diner at the Stratosphere:


In addition to hearty diner fare such as Waldoʼs Grilled Four Cheese Sandwich, chocolate shakes and tasty french fries, Roxyʼs Diner also offers 24/7 Breakfast. Craving something sweet? Coconut Crusted Banana Pina Colada Stuffed French toast stands out as a unique treat. They even have gluten free flapjacks if you have limited dietary restrictions.

roxys2  roxys_diner2

Christina Lindley’s Guide on Where To Stay in Las Vegas During HPT


Ahhhhh Las Vegas. If a city were an animal, you’d be a Unicorn. Magical, sparkly, a legend, and truly one of a kind, there is no other city in the world quite like you. During the HPT at the Stratosphere, I know people are wondering where they should be staying. In Vegas, there are a plethora of options based on your personality. I am sharing my favorite picks for you during the HPT Las Vegas!


The Stratosphere Hotel Casino & Tower

Trying to take it easy and focus a little more on the tournament itself (makes sense as it is the reason you came to Vegas in the first place, obviously), then why not stay at the hotel hosting the actual event? The Stratosphere. They have a Starbuck’s in the hotel, to get a caffeine blast for that early afternoon pick me up pre tourney. McCall’s is delicious, Top of the World has a sick view, and PINUP is the best showgirl performance in town. If you are feeling froggy you can leap off the top in the SKY JUMP, which I would describe as terrifying, exhilarating, and a blast at the same time.

Book Your Room Here!

*My Sky Jump Below


The Strip

Want the newest, trendiest, LA like experience? Then there is no other option than the SLS. With Katsuya, Cleo, Bazaar Meat by Jose Andreas, and the best breakfast in town: “The Griddle”, there is an endless array of dining options that are all incredible. Feel like splurging on some Hollywood style threads? Look no further than Fred Segal, a Hollywood staple. Nightlife? Endless options that will leave you exhausted from dancing, happy and hopefully hungover (if you do it right ).

Downtown Las Vegas

Want to be a little different and experience old Las Vegas like she was in the Mob Era? Stay in downtown. Completely renovated, hip, and the headquarters of such large companies as Zappos, Fremont Street is a blast. First off there is the Mob Museum, my favorite thing to do downtown. They have the actual real St. Valentine’s Day Massacre Wall, the barber shop chair a mob boss had his throat slit in, and tons of interesting police and mob memorabilia with live actors. The Gold Spike downtown is the most fun sports bar ever, which is cheap, free to hang, and has endless games to bide your free time. Operation, battle ship, corn hole, pool, darts, foosball, etc. If you stay downtown, the only hotel in my opinion is the Golden Nugget. They have a great, active poker room. The restaurants there are delicious. My favorite in particular is Vic and Antony’s Steakhouse: old history, dark cherry leather booths, and amazing steak. There is a shark tank you swim around in the pool at the hotel, and they also have their own Starbucks (see a theme here yet). SOOO Important.

Whichever you choose, I guarantee you will have a great time regardless of the outcome of the poker tournament. I wish you all the luck in the world, and hope you almost win it all! Almost, because I plan to win it obviously.

See you there!








During the month of October, acePLAY Poker will be running several different online tournaments you can play in for free to win seats into live Heartland Poker Tour events. This month is particularly good value, and a great time to play, as the prizes range all the way up to a free $1650 Main Eventbuy-in for the HPT at the Stratosphere in November. There will be three series of prizes given away.

•The first series of online tournaments run weekly on acePLAY Poker will be giving away a buy-in to the Live 40k gtd. $390 buy-in on November 7th at the Stratosphere. There will be four seats total given away over the course of the month.

•The second series, there will be three tournaments a week all month long where the prize is a seat into a live HPT satellite. There will be 9 of these events total throughout the month of October.

•The third and final acePLAY Poker tournament online is a one time, freeroll on acePLAYpoker.com which will award the winner a seat worth $1650 for the Main Event of the HPT held at the Stratosphere on November 14th, 2014

In the Aceplay poker tournament structures of their online tournaments, you win a seat if you take first place. This is VERY good practice for playing to win. Being more aggressive and taking every spot you can is ideal in a structure like this, and I would recommend just full on going for it. If there is ever a place for the motto “If you ain’t first, you’re last” as a strategy, it would be here. Good luck, and I hope you win!